Verve Book 7 Cover
Her knight in shining armour may have just revealed his true identity in this sketch for Verve Book 7.
Everyone is enthralled with the naked female body in this sketch for Verve Book 7
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Picasso and The Human Comedy

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Picasso and The Human Comedy, A suite of 180 drawings of Picasso

The American Edition of Verve 29/30, published by Harcourt, Brace and Company, New York.
180 PICASSO drawings executed in Vallauris from 28 November to 3 February 1954. 164 heliogravure drawings by Draeger Frères, 16 color lithographs by Mourlot Frères, 100 reproductions in black. Preface by Tériade, Texts by Michel Leiris, Rebecca West.

Good condition.

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