Lucille Khornak, Model-turned-fashion photographer-turned family photographer, has now opened another door to the art world through the internet.  Why the internet?  We can connect with billions of people and that is our future.  "I love art. I am moved by it and I am in awe of all the talented artists there are in the world.  So many have representation, yet and still, many others struggle on their own as they try to catch the eye of the potential buyer. So I feel it is simply a natural progression for me to surround myself with art and to help other artists sell their work.  We must help keep the artists alive! They need to have their work recognized and bought so that they can feel  financially free to keep producing their art."


We are - the Lucille Khornak Photography and Art Gallery  


For artists, we would love to see your work! Please send your email to lovelk.team@gmail.com.


For buyers, let us help you choose your art once we know your taste and what you are looking for.  We can view your interior space and make suggestions. Our gallery carries a wide variety of art that includes original masterpieces as well as those fun novelty prints we all love to see, so we are sure we can meet your needs and your budget. We will constantly be adding more and more art, so be sure to visit often to stay updated.


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-Love, LK


Lucille Khornak accepts the Rolls Royce Award for Luxury Photography in 2015