The Hamptons Scenery Re-Presented

The Lucille Khornak Gallery Presents
The Hamptons Scenery, Re-Presented
by Michael J. Williams

Michael J. Williams is a photography artist exclusively with the Lucille Khornak Gallery who focuses his art in landscape photography. 
Michael's Statement
"I see beauty in nature around me. Whether it be a full landscape, a leaf or branch of a tree, I simply capture what captures my attention. 
A foggy day has its own aesthetic. For this series, the colors are soft and some muted. The images are beauty that I believe add tranquility to an environment. They are soothing in that they are a natural construct of beauty, and it's the nature that surrounds us that inspires me to really enjoy the beauty of this world."


Reuben's Sandcastles

Reuben's Sandcastles, by Michael J. Williams

Droplets, by Michael J. Williams

 Bridge Lane, by Michael J. Williams

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