Dinesh Boaz

Artist Statement

Although now a native New Yorker, Dinesh was born in India with deep roots in Sri Lanka.  Working from a doorless helicopter, Dinesh jumps between multiple high resolution cameras to gain unique aerial perspectives of the world below.  He seeks out to find symbiotic patterns and fast changing colors that well play together and works with the pilot to coordinate tight bank turns to get an over the top 'bird's eye' view on each location.

His work now covers Hawaii, Arizona, California, Utah, Florida, NYC and Sri Lanka. There is a remoteness and openness of possibilities in each space that are showcased.  The inspiration behind the work is to not simply view a collection of places, but to capture how human beings harmonize and interact with the different spaces we live in.

Lucille Khornak Gallery presents Summer Dayz, by Dinesh Boaz

Summer Dayz, 2017


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