Bettina Buschel

Artist Statement

Having grown up on the East End of Long Island, I am constantly drawn to the beach, the ocean, the light. Swimming is a huge part of my life and many of my paintings are about the sensations of swimming: the feel of sunlight and water on the skin, the sounds of the wind and the ocean itself. Pools have a similar draw.
Capturing the different feelings that people have being near and in the water is a fascination; how it affects both the mind and the body. I hope my work evokes similar sensations in the viewer. The light near the ocean, or a pool, is of course its own subject: the play of clouds, sky, water; the light and shadows as they define bodies in motion. I am especially inspired  by the use of white by all the old masters. They often use white so sparingly and yet it can be, to me, the most influential part of a painting.


Lucille Khornak Gallery presents The Moment Before, by Bettina Buschel

The Moment Before, 2017

Lucille Khornak Gallery presents Faster, by Bettina Buschel

Faster, 2017

Lucille Khornak Gallery presents Summer Jog, by Bettina Buschel

Summer Jog, 2016


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