True Independence Artists Announced!

2018 Bridgehampton Hamptons ILTH News True Independence

With the True Independence Group Exhibit at the Lucille Khornak Gallery just around the corner, we are extremely excited to deliver an official congratulatory announcement to the artists chosen to be featured in the first show of the season during our tenth year celebration!

Here they are, the final artists chosen to be featured June 23rd-July 6:

Alan Richards

Alex Rudin

Angie Sinclair

Bettina Buschel

Crawford McWilliams

Dinesh Boaz

Elizabeth Salas

Jeffrey Apoian

Josephine Wojtusiak

Kelly Moeykens

Kerri Sano

Kyle Hicks Healy

Lesley Bodzy

Marcos Anziani

Peggy McGivern

Terese Rogers

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